Social Actions

Hiring of Handicapped People

Paranasa is stimulating its managers in the sense of giving priority to the hiring of handicapped people for their staff force.To ensure that this hiring does not involve additional risks, the Sector for Occupational Safety and Medicine should be consulted in order to analyze the possibilities and issue an opinion, as well as controlling the performance of a new collaborator. The handicapped staff member, on the whole, is a collaborator who has an additional motivation and therefore, contrary to what could be expected, offers above-average productivity in performing his or her tasks.

Young Trainees Program

Young trainees program is about hiring young people, who are encouraged by Paranasa to study and become professionals. They receive a scholarship, in which they spend six hours a day at the SENAI Technical Civil Construction course. These apprentices also have their transportation paid. At the same time that it contributes to the career of these young apprentices, Paranasa is investing in probable future talents for the company.

Adopt the Green Program

Paranasa is participating in the program “Adopt the Green” run by the Municipality of Belo Horizonte, where it is in charge of caring the public square Jofre Alves Pereira, in the district of Santo Antônio, which was elected by the City Hall as the 3rd best cared square of Belo Horizonte.

Paranasa is committed to the community, building up and preserving the quality of living.

Actions in Communities

Paranasa, thinking about the motivation and satisfaction of its employees and the community where its works are allocated, has always implemented a series of social, safety and development actions for its collaborators:

- Leadership Development Program: with lectures on the organization and cleanliness of the workspace; on safety (protection of themselves and others environs); on how to communicate clearly; on how to motivate the team; on organizing teams; on solving problems; and on solving conflicts / managing changes.
- Operational and Safety Training with Work Tools and Machinery
- 360º safety program
- Campaign 10 minutes against Dengue
- Selective waste collection campaigns
- Overhauling of charity foundations and schools
- Campaign to prevent accidents and to use personal protective equipment
- Participation in projects to modernize cultural buildings
Participation in the building and remodelling of charity foundations.
Dengue Campaign
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Leadership training course